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Milo Micro-suction iPhone/smartphone stand


The benefits of having a stand for your smartphone or iPhone is obvious, beyond the ability to watch movies, or do video conferencing/Facetime without the need to hold your phone throughout, you can also place it by your laptop to check on new messages without having to pick up and drop off your phone multiple times. Sure, phone cushions have existed for a long time, but don't you feel they are a bit too cute-sy for your desk?

Bluelounge's Milo, with it's shiny surface and sleek curves that resembles the stand of an iMac, is completely appropriate for the corporate/work environment. Your phone can rest vertically, or be placed horizontally on the micro-suction pad.

Milo can be used with iPhone, iPod or any other smartphones with a smooth flat hard surface. Some of our customers even use it on their car's dashboard while using the map application or while they talk on the handsfree set.

Here's a short video of Milo iPhone & smartphone stand in action:

Available in Black and White.

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