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Architect Stylus for iPad and Tablets

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"The Architect Stylus is sort of like the Mont Blanc of the stylus world." 
- YankoDesign

You would think that after such a testimonial, we wouldn't have to say any more, but there is just so much greatness that we cannot keep to ourselves. The Architect Stylus has gotten rave reviews from many publications about its sleek and elegant design, and its great usability.

With the screens of the iPad, iPhones and Tablets getting larger, many people don't feel the need of a stylus, but the truth is there are many benefits to having a stylus, especially one as well-designed as the Architect.

First, of course, is that you get the best possible precision when writing and be able to use great drawing and note taking apps, or even be insanely good in Draw Something! Next, it is more hygienic when you use a stylus on your tablets and smartphones. No more oily fingers touching the screens and then placing them next to your face when you need to speak! Finally, you are doing your touch screens a great favor by reducing the risk of scratching them with your fingernails.

The Architect Stylus comes with a sleek carrying case and works with the touch-screen of iPads, Tablets, iPhones and smartphones. Check out this great video review.

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