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StudioDesk by Bluelounge is the ultimate office or work desk that brings neatness to a whole different level. Especially with so many devices taking up real estate on your table, you can expect lots of wires running around, but with a built-in hidden compartment, all these wires can be out of sight. 

The compartment also allows you to hide loose accessories or items such as your mouse or keyboard, leaving even more space for you to do your work. Another of the brilliance and elegance of the StudioDesk, is that you can choose to have only one wire exit the desk to your power socket, through the use of a multi-plug adapter within the compartment.

StudioDesk is made of solid mahogany, with white lamination on the surface and a removable faux leather mat that covers the sliding portion of the desktop. It comes in 2 sizes, with the length of the table being the only difference, i.e. StudioDesk XL is 30cm longer.

We do not provide assembly of the table, but it is a fairly simple process of attaching the 4 legs to the table.

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