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Nest iPad Stand


The Nest is a must have multi-function stand money can buy. I think I may have found the ideal, dare I say portable, clean and simple yet extremely functional stand for the iPad and iPad 2.” — Gadgetmac

Yes yes I know, your iPad cover doubles up as a stand when you use the iPad, but do they work just as well when placing the iPad vertically and horizontally? After years of using the iPad, I have come to accept that even though you have a favored orientation for the iPad, there are times that you have to use it the other way, and a lot of iPad covers doesn't allow for that.

The Nest is the ultimate iPad accessory which has rubber lining on the top that cushions the backside of the iPad, giving it a 30% angle, and a cradle which slides out to hold your iPad in a steeper angle. Beyond just an iPad stand, it also acts as a nice looking container for your keys, spare change or other small items.

The Nest comes in beautiful colors to enhance the color themes of your space.

Available in Black, White, Blue and Pink. Compatible with the "new iPad", iPad 2 and iPad.

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