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iRest iPad Lap/Desk Stand

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The iPad and other tablet PCs are amazing devices but they are not without their flaws. For one, many struggle with how to comfortably hold them for long periods of time, and have to come up with "creative" ways of resting them on pillows and your limbs!

The perfect solution is here! Presenting the iRest iPad & Tablet Stand by Rain Design. This iPad stand is one of the only products that is designed to not only look good for use on your desk, but also be comfortable when placed on your lap. This is achieved through padded attachments that can be fitted to the iRest, making it suitable for use on your couch, or even on your bed!
The iRest improves ergonomics
1) Without the need to hold the iPad, it reduces strain on your hands.
2) The elevation from the iRest reduces slouching and stress on your shoulders
3) The adjustable stand allows you to alter the viewing angle to suit your line of sight and away from reflection.
iRest works with all versions of the iPad and in all orientations (landscape & portrait). Check out this video review of the iRest!
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